Work on the Future of Computing

Here are selected opportunities to join startups that we interviewed previously 👇

Technical Product Manager*

Join Haiqu and be the driving force behind our innovative quantum middleware. Your chance to collaborate with top-tier engineers and researchers, understand market trends and guide our quantum computing products to success.

Research Scientist*

Dive into cutting-edge research, pioneer new quantum algorithms, and showcase your work on global stages. Join our team of Stanford and Weizmann Institute alumni and lead the charge in quantum algorithm development.

Founding Algorithm Engineer*

As part of the AI team, you will work hand in hand with the CTO (the AI team lead) and product engineering team to ensure seamless integration of AI into the product.

Founding AI Research Engineer*

Our AI backend is the most important system at Astrus, and the quality of the generated layouts will largely dictate the value of our product to our users and the overall value of Astrus. You will play a leading role in the creation of this AI, the future of Astrus.

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