Accelerating Early-Stage Deep Tech Startups

🔥 What is Intel Ignite?

Intel Ignite is Intel’s global startup program for early-stage deep tech companies. Its mission is to accelerate ground-breaking startups that will enrich the lives of every person on Earth by building world-changing technologies based on breakthrough innovation.

Reporting directly to Intel’s CTO and operating out of Tel-Aviv, Munich, Boston, and London, it is designed to enhance Intel’s perception and presence as a leading tech company in the most vibrant startup ecosystems and aims to:

  • drive open deep tech innovation,
  • connect Intel with top disruptors,
  • identify and generate strategic technical insights for Intel, 
  • change Intel’s perception with top startup innovators,
  • be a change agent in Intel’s culture shift journey,
  • bring along Intel talent as we work with startups.

Since its inception in 2019, Intel Ignite has leveraged Intel’s wide range of resources to help early-stage companies succeed by empowering founders to enhance their valuation, optimize their fundraising, and achieve lasting strategic impact. 

Over $2 billion raised since 2019

With over $2 billion raised by its participants, this 12-week program stands as a testament to Intel Ignite’s commitment to fostering real, game-changing innovation targeting companies from Pre-Seed to Series A stage. Intel Ignite’s portfolio median for 2023 even exceeded the Dealroom median by 8x for seed rounds and reached more than double the Dealroom median for Series A rounds.


To make this possible, the focus lies on early-stage deep-tech startups.

👉🏼 From Pre-Seed to Series A
👉🏼 Real, ground-breaking innovation, mostly based on years-long research
👉🏼 Things with the potential for a real technological breakthrough
👉🏼 Within 8 Tech Streams:

AI, ML & Compute

Autonomous & Robotics

DevTools & DevOps

Next-Gen Compute

Security & Privacy

Hardware & Manufacturing

Data, Cloud & Edge

Web3 Infrastructure

Program Benefits

🚀 Acceleration at Intel Ignite

Intel Ignite supports a cohort of the ten most disruptive early-stage deep tech startups of the respective ecosystem in each of its four locations twice a year via an intense, 12-week, mentorship-heavy program fully tailored to the individual needs of the selected companies. Being highly selective and accepting less than 4% of applicants ensures that each startup receives tailored, intensive support to accelerate its growth.

Intel Ignite’s formula for acceleration is simple yet powerful: 
Minimize resistance and maximize force. 

All this helps the startups to:

🎯 Reach the product-market fit – FASTER
💼 Get bigger, better clients – FASTER
💪 Build better teams to build a more successful company – FASTER
💰 Raise the next round at better terms – FASTER

🎯 Uniqueness of Intel Ignite

Intel Ignite believes in supporting the startups’ journey without taking equity. This non-dilutive approach indicated the alignment with the startups’ success, not the stake.

Intel Ignite’s ultimate metric for success is the startups’ success by evaluating its impact based on the tangible achievements of the startups, particularly in the critical first 18 months post-program.

Led by Markus Bohl, who has firsthand experience raising over €50m and navigating the highs and lows of startup life, the program is deeply rooted in the founder’s perspective. 

 “Having raised more than €50m myself and having built several tech startups means I’ve been in the same position; I’ve been through the rollercoaster from being a few days away from bankruptcy to a glorious exit. Various times. I know your struggles, and now I‘ve made it! It is my mission to help you to overcome these.”

Markus Bohl, Managing Director, Intel Ignite Europe

🔗 The Program & Network: Grow Smart with Intel Ignite

Upon entering the program, the participating startups receive hands-on mentorship from world-leading Intel and industry experts in all relevant domains, including product, technology, go-to-market, sales, IP protection, company building, fundraising, etc. In addition, Intel Ignite provides entrepreneurs with a preferred path to leading global investors and in-depth resources.

Entrepreneurs gain insights from world-class experts and industry-leading founders. All mentors and speakers are either world-class experts in their domain or are founders themselves, meaning all of them have walked the walk. Some of the external mentors are amongst the most successful deep tech founders out there, some of their internal Intel mentors are entrepreneurs themselves, and all of them are senior in their field.

👉🏼 All of them work without extra pay!
👉🏼 All do it to give back to the ecosystem, to pay it forward to the startups!

Open doors to potential investors from Intel Ignite’s extensive network, increasing the startups’ opportunities for funding and strategic partnerships.

Beyond the 12-week program, the startups will have access to a lifelong network of support. Whether it’s overcoming challenges or scaling your company, this global support infrastructure is there to help succeed long-term.

🏆 Meet the Team

💪 Success Stories

“For us, it was a no-brainer to participate in Intel Ignite. As we’re building a product for the electronics industry, exchanging with established players like Intel is invaluable – we got many good insights, ideas, and contacts!”

“I was at the beginning of my journey as a CEO, and the program helped me a lot to structure all my thoughts. That was the biggest benefit for me of participating in the program: putting it all in perspective.

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🔥 What is Intel Ignite?
Program Benefits
🏆 Meet the Team
💪 Success Stories