QBN Quantum Industry Summit: Adri Gómez Olivella On Bringing Together A Nascent Deeptech Industry

How can we propel innovation in quantum technologies, leverage them “for good,” and strengthen Europe’s tech sovereignty? These and more questions will be addressed at the QBN Quantum Industry Summit, bringing together over 500 world-class quantum leaders, experts, and end-users and featuring 50+ speakers across four parallel tracks. The event will take place for the first time on October 10-11, 2023, at Messe Stuttgart in parallel with the Quantum Effects exhibition.

I spoke with Adri Gómez Olivella, Business Development and Community Manager at Quantum Business Network (QBN), about what it is like to bring together an emerging deeptech industry, what to expect from the summit, and how stakeholders along the supply chain and especially quantum startups and potential end-users can benefit from it. 

How Did You Get Involved with QBN and Quantum Computing?

At the beginning of this year, I was looking for a new professional challenge and came across QBN on LinkedIn. The founder, Johannes Verst, was looking for support to organize the QBN Quantum Industry Summit, and it was a great opportunity. 

During my studies, I had experience organizing events and as a pharmacist by training, I was particularly excited by the potential of quantum computing in drug development, discovering drug-target interactions, and ultimately developing better treatments for patients. Quantum technologies, in general, could be the next big thing, and while we lagged behind in Europe during the internet and mobile revolutions, and the jury is still out on AI, we could be early drivers of the commercialization of quantum technologies and bring key players together. 

What is Quantum Business Network (QBN)? 

Quantum Business Network (QBN) is the world’s leading business network for quantum technologies and its associated supply chains. Founded in 2020, we aim to bring all the key players together—from universities, research institutions, and startups to corporates, investors, and governments. We’re growing fast and have lots of exciting initiatives planned for the future.

We help our members with growth acceleration and technological advancements through industry collaborations, deep market insights, visibility and support structures, business development, technology transfer and innovation support, as well as entrepreneurial mentoring and fast access to private and public funding. QBN has working groups on Quantum Computing and Application, Quantum Communications and Cryptography, Quantum Sensing, Imaging and Metrology, and Diamond Quantum Technologies.

We also have an online platform where our members can find partners for collaboration or post job opportunities. We regularly organize the QBN Meetings, exclusive gatherings hosted at the site of one of our members to foster technology transfer, knowledge exchange, and collaborations. And we also act as consultants for SMEs and investors and work closely with governments as a think tank. For instance, we recently published a 12-page paper with recommendations related to the EUR 3 Billion Germany’s action plan to invest heavily in quantum technologies. We bring our members together, give them a voice, and help accelerate their businesses. Check out this post on 11 reasons to become a QBN member.

What Will The QBN Quantum Industry Summit Be Like?

It’s not a conference for a single type of audience or a single technology. We will gather all the stakeholders in the quantum landscape, from international policymakers and investors to entrepreneurs and end users from a wide range of classical industries. 

We have planned four tracks in parallel. The first one on politics, business, and ecosystems will feature an international panel of policymakers from the European Commission, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy, as well as decision-makers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. We will also have highly engaging discussions about business and investment in deep tech from renowned VC investors and quantum business executives. Our goal is to foster collaboration between the private and public sectors to turn quantum into a big and solid industry. 

The second track is dedicated to all kinds of quantum technologies and their supply chains, from research over materials and components to solution providers and integrators, including quantum computing, which is the most well-known technology, quantum sensing, quantum communications, and quantum-enabling technologies such as photonics, cryogenic systems and control electronics.

The third track will focus specifically on quantum technologies from an end-user perspective. What is hype? What is reality? What can quantum do for my industry? How can I access a quantum computer? From energy, finance, pharma and biotech, healthcare and medtech, logistics and manufacturing, automotive and aerospace, defence and security, and chemistry and material science, quantum will impact so many industries. Besides drug development, I am personally quite excited about space tech; like many, I wanted to be an astronaut when I was little. Quantum could help solve complex optimization problems for space navigation, mission planning, and data analysis that classical computers can’t. 

Our fourth track will be an investment forum exclusive to selected early-stage quantum startups and deep tech investors. As a startup, you will have the chance to pitch on the first day and then engage with investors in a private setting—and you get a free ticket to attend the summit and the Quantum Effects exhibition next door, as well as a special invitation to the Networking Night Dinner: please apply by September 8 on our event website. On the second day, this track will be open to everyone, featuring live demos and fostering exchanges between startups, customers, and partners.

This post is part of our media partnership with QBN Quantum Industry Summit. We are super excited to be collaborating with them. Stay tuned for more exciting founder and expert interviews, deep dives into quantum advancements, and real-life discussions at the event.

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